Own Your Brokerage.
Build Your Wealth.

If you’re a producer, you know the game. You grind. You win accounts. You make a good living.

But it’s the principals, the owners, who have the real wealth. They take a cut of every producer’s win. They started their own brokerage…

because they know…

Ownership is Wealth

It’s not just about money. Wealth comes in many forms. Controlling every aspect of your brokerage. Having the independence to make strategic decisions. Answering to no one but yourself. And building something from the ground-up: a brokerage with your DNA.

But you know the fundamental truth…

They Rolled the Dice
& Bet on Themselves.

They started their own brokerage with a book of business and a burning desire for more.

And in doing so, put themselves on the path to creating a future that they control.

Whatever your motivation, know this: owning a brokerage isn’t easy and success isn’t guaranteed. But it’s the only way to build the kind of wealth you see principals, the ones who own their brokerages, enjoy today.

Let's be honest

You Want That, Too.

So you’re thinking of starting a brokerage, which means you have questions, like:
What kind of money do I need to get off the ground?
What markets can I get access to?
Do I need to hire anyone?
How will I grow?

Every producer asks these questions.
Because starting a brokerage is a different game than the one you’re used to.
You’re venturing into the unknown.

Our Model is Designed for Experienced Producers Who are Ready to Start a Brokerage.

If that’s you:

We learned that in Order to Start a Brokerage, You Should be Here in Your Career

  1. Own a book of business
  2. Have your Level 2 or Unrestricted Broker License
  3. Have your Principal Broker | Designated Representative | Nominee License

The most important step:

4 The important step:

Fully Understand Your Contract

Do you own your book? Are you sure?

Aly Kanji, founder of InsureLine, is a former lawyer turned insurance broker. He can review your contract and give you an unbiased, 3rd party assessment. It’s not legal advice, but it’ll help you identify the potential pitfalls of your agreement.

A lot of producers we work with have a general understanding of their contracts. Most don’t know them intimately. This can lead to problems if you decide to strike out on your own.

Let’s say you have good handle on your book. You probably want to know about. Our ownership offer.

Why InsureLine

Let’s say you have good handle on your book. You probably want to know about our ownership offer.

The Split

What about the split? There is none. You own the brokerage. You own all the shares in your company. You receive 100% of the revenues and you pay the expenses to operate the business. InsureLine helps you and charges a royalty on your revenue. We’re building businesses, not branches. We can explain how it works when we talk.

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Brains to pick. Ears to listen. A step in the right direction.
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